Through Charelton's Healthy Life Detox Coaching, your bodily health can be drastically improved. I offer service's to coach you through the transition to a better you. Below you can find my hourly rate's and how this service work's.


Charelton has educated himself on holistic health for 15 years and continue's to do so since training with the pH miracle centre. Healthy life detox coaching is not a dietitian approach and is not the basic dietary suggestions we learn in school.


Healthy Life Detox Coaching

1 Hour Session -                    $90

1.5 Hour Session -                 $135

Three 1 Hours Sessions -     $225

Whole Body Detox            -  $150 (generally this is a 3 to 14 day detox)


When the fish is sick, so you treat the fish or do you change the water?

- YOU CHANGE THE WATER. (Dr. Robert O Young) 


Charelton will help you reclaim your inner terrain by:

- Coaching what food's, drink's, supplement's, product's and lifestyle choice's that are detoxifying and healthy one's.

- Customize  a whole body detox.(I suggest 1 or 2 a year to keep our inner terrain clean)

- Create a healthy life detox lifestyle program customized to the person's unique lifestyle and need's.

- Know which food's and drink's to consume and which one's to cut down on and which one's to avoid as much as possible.

eg. A client come to see me that has congested lung's. I may suggest new breathing technique's, a way to clean the sinuses, dietary suggestion's all helping to clear the lungs.


"I have had success helping myself, friends, family and my client's reduce or eliminate symptom's through food's, drinks and lifestyle choice's.


- Weight problems (Over and Under)                - Sinus/Ear Problems                       - High Blood Pressure

- Indigestion                                                             - Feeling Tired                                   - Irritability

- The Flu                                                                    - Allergies                                            - Headache's

- Anxiety                                                                    - Depression                                       - Yeast

 - Skin problem's                                                    - Food Cravings                                   - Eye problems

-high blood pressure                                            - Respiratory Problem's                     - Muscle Cramps


I/charelton do not diagnose, prescribe or treat for any specific symptoms