As I am consistently learning for my services, I also enjoy keeping up on various other topics. I have included links to some of my favorite websites below. Feel free to browse and educate yourself on a variety of different topics

Interesting Links  Interesting research by Bruce Lipton on a new biology, epigenetics and thinking beyond our genes. Jeran and Missa make video's and podcast challenging the things we were taught about our planet. John Bradshaw educate's on emotional healing by reclaiming and healing your inner child. John Taylor Gatto educate's on the underground history of our american education. A planetary movement for health, happiness and world peace. Gordon's life's work has been to create a comprehensive evidence-based model for the unfolding of human potential. Educational info. on genetically modified foods An investigation on the safety of fluoride in our water supply.  The most comprehensive source of GMO health information on the web. Educate's us on how to use grammar, logic and rhetoric to recognize truth and deception. An investigation into chemtrail/geoenginering programs This is an american non-profit organization of architects and engineers who dispute the results of official investigations into Sept.11 attacks. - The National Health Products Protection Association of Canada.