My services can help with a very wide variety of body ailments. Anything from sore muscles to serious injuries can be made better by my approach. Below you can find exact detail on the different types of body work that I practice along with my hourly rates.

Advanced Body Work (Techniques are listed below)

30 Min. Session          - $50

45 Min. Session          - $75

1 Hour Session           - $90

1 1/4 Hour Session     - $110

1.5 Hour Session        - $130

1 3/4 Hour Session    - $150

2 Hour Session          - $170

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Aston Patterning

Aston Bodywork is a system that includes three forms:

  1. Aston Massage, a non-compressive type of basic bodywork, utilizes a ‘three-dimensional touch’ of ‘spiraling’ that releases daily and accumulated tension.
  2. A specialized form of myofascial release, called Myo-fascial kinetics, releases deeply embedded structural holding patterns within the soft tissue network.
  3. To address skeletal holding patterns, Aston® Artho-Kinetics can provide releases at joints, along bony surfaces, and tissue-to-tissue adhesion.

The purpose of this three-fold bodywork system is to address all layers of the body with specificity, decrease holding and create new movement options. The evaluated tensions are released through comfortable, virtually painless techniques using the spiraling touch of the tissues.

Aston Movement begins with two crucial skills by the practitioner:

  1. The ability to see clearly the components that make up complex movements in the body, in real time.
  2. The understanding of how each component of movement affects the body. These effects happen because movement, gravity and ground reaction force combine to create force vectors that impact specific body segments. The forces create compression, stretch and torsion in predictable ways.

Because Aston Movement is based in observation of what happens when real bodies move in the real world, there is a tangibility and immediacy to the practice. The practitioner and the client can be partners in discovering the truth of how variations in movement are more or less helpful to them in the moment. Skilled observation makes the process more accurate and verifiable. The ultimate goal of Aston Movement is to help each person claim their natural ability to move with ease, grace, and strength.


Structural Integration

Unlike massage, Structural Integration focuses not on the muscles but on their protective layer, called fascia (also known as connective tissue). Muscles are contracting tissues that give the body and organs physical movement. The fascia surrounds the muscles, bones and organs in the body. The fascia gives muscles their shape and the body its structure.

          Structural Integration aligns and balances the body by lengthening and re-positioning the fascia. As fascia is lengthened it allows the muscles to move more efficiently. Pressure is applied to the body, working the entire fasciae system in a systematic way. When restricted fascia is released and lengthened the body can return to its structurally optimal position

          The continuing pull of gravity, the stress of daily activities and physical injuries can pull the body out of alignment. The fascia gradually shortens, tightens and adjusts to accommodate the misalignment. When the body is out of alignment it creates inefficiency and imbalance resulting in stiffness, discomfort and loss of energy.

          When a body is aligned and balanced it moves with greater ease. It requires less energy to function. Good posture is effortless and breathing is easier. The body becomes more flexible, more coordinated and athletic performance improves.

Benefits of Structural Integration
• Possible slimmer/taller appearance (Possible gain of 1/4”-1” of height)
• Alleviation of pain or discomfort
• Greater Flexibility
• Feeling of lightness and fluidity
• Improved balance
• Increased breathing capacity
• Increased energy
• Greater Self-Confidence
• Enhanced performance in all physical activities like Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance, Martial Arts, Walking, Resistance Training, etc.


Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is one of my many skills that I employ to help my clients reach their goals of a healthier lifestyle, free of physical ailments.

Holding patterns are the main cause of many health concerns found within the body. Everything we do physically (Illness, Physical Activity) and emotionally (Trauma, Stress) plays a part in shaping our body.

Through a combination of different treatments I help find a neutral alignment that creates the least amount of stress and the most amount of support for your body.

By using:
• Trigger Point Release
• Myofascial Release (Working with Fascia)
• Multiple Assessment Techniques
• Movement Work/Training
and many other specific techniques I work towards getting the best results for each of my clients.


Full Spectrum Reflexology

Full Spectrum Reflexology builds on the practice of Reflexology and is accomplished with steady or alternating finger/probe pressure, linear percussion machines, vibration machines, near/red/mid and far infrared heat, ice and laser to effectively stimulate the micro reflex/meridian systems of the feet, hands,outer ears and other selected energy points within the reflex zones and meridians of the body.


Reflexology Basics

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there reflexes in the hands, feet and ears which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body.  Through application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.


Benefits of Reflexology

1. Relaxation and balance of tension
2. Improves circulation
3. Helps the body to normalize itself naturally, without adverse side effects.

Reflexology has been shown to be effective for:

  •     Back Pain
  •     Migraine
  •     Infertility
  •     Arthritis
  •     Sleep Disorders
  •     Hormonal imbalances
  •     Sports Injuries
  •     Digestive disorders
  •     Stress-related conditions


A Complete Chart of Reflexes in the Feet


Download a larger version of this chart (Adobe PDF): Download Here