About Charelton

Hi There!

My name is Charelton Kubera and my work is my passion. 

I absolutely love what I do and have a talent in understanding people and their bodies. My calling in life is to help people achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle as I believe that this is one of the key components to total bliss. You can take comfort in knowing that I will provide you with services that no one else in Manitoba can offer.

I celebrate many hobbies in life. These hobbies include preparing  alkaline vegan dishes, outdoor activities and an appreciation for nature.


Thank you and take care,
- Charelton Kubera


Charelton's Education and Experience 

  • Advanced Remedial Massage Therapist (Massage Therapy College of Manitoba) - Diploma, 2200 Hour Program - 2005
  • Foot Reflexology (Reflexology Association of Canada) - Certification, 245 Hour Program -2004
  • Usui Reiki - Reiki Training Level 1 and 2 - 2003
  • Certified Structural Integration Practitioner (Guild For Structural Integration) -  Boulder, Colorado, 530 Hour Program - 2006
  • Basic Psych-K Facilitator - 2009
  • Advanced PSYCH-K facilitator - 2010
  • Laughter Leader - 2010
  • Certified Aston® Patterning Practitioner - 2012
  • Advanced Artho Kinetics Certification - 2015 
  • pH Coach Certification (Trained with the pH miracle Center) - 2013